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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  July 19, 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> we search just about anywhere for anything that would lead them to believe there was electronic todd pornography being stored on a device. >> the arrests continue here on me go drive where another
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search for resulted in the rest of this man. officers could be seen as -- looking at suspected child mammography images seized in the raid. >> if we find child pornography that person will definitely go to jail. >> it will be going to all those hard drives which could lead to more arrests. the suspect's defaced or range of felony charges for possession or on-line distribution of illegal child pornography. some of the neighbors of the man was shocked when he was arrested. others are not surprised at all because they said he seemed to spend a lot of time in front of the computer. >> he lived in this corner apartment.
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some >> i never thought anything and when i found out what was going on the first and it came to my mind was my grandchildren and the kids around here. >> hope that my kids never met him. >> i am glad that things were taking care of the way the work. >> police say is the goal of offers and chicken pox is trying to rid the into another tug for aggressive images. they say they want to get people off the streets to minimize their risk that they will act on the motions. we will have more reaction from neighbors and more on this story coming up at 6:00 p.m.. until then, live in san jose, rob fladeboe. >>catherine: in the east bay police found a body of the dublin and pleasanton court season. charles clifford is on the scene with details.
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>>charles: right now i am live near the dublin and pleasanton are stationed. investigators with bart police just wrapped up their investigation a short time ago 3 how to here is video from earlier today. just after 12 noon police responded to reports of a body lying in the bushes near the parking garage. investigators were on seen for several hours taking pictures and measurements. it also put out several evidence markers. they also interviewed construction crews that were working in the area. at this point we do not have any details about who this person was or how they died. we also do not know if this was a male or female. investigators are describing as as an unintended debt. the alameda county coroner remove the body around 4:00 p.m. and the exact cause is still under investigation. >>catherine: the ethics hearing for the san francisco suspended share of resumes this hour. there will be more testimony
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from the life of ross mirkirimi. mirkirimi was investigated for domestic violence for bruising her arm during an argument on new year's eve. he pleaded guilty to false imprisonment and was fired by the mayor for official misconduct. a lot of the questioning is expected to be about this video where lopez showed of the bruises to her neighbor. it was a neighbor that turn the video over to police. lopez says she feels betrayed by their neighbor and has stood firmly in her husband's corner. dan kerman has more on the hearings and has a look at last night's testimony and previews of what we can expect tonight. >> today as we indicated to the wife of ross mirkirimi continues on the stand with her testimony. she feared if the couple
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divorced that her husband would have the upper hand when it came to getting custody of their child. in the video that she made with a neighbor, she says that mirkirimi told her that he is a very powerful person and he can take away their child in the case of a divorce. that is why she made a video showing the borders that he gave arts. in an attempt to support official misconduct attorneys for the city asked lopez if it was his power as an elected official that scared her. she said it was the fact that he is an american and she is not. attorneys for the city kept hammering away. >> was it your view is that your highs as a whole plan is to take custody this he wanted to question marks >> that was my conclusion for the conversation. >> was that your view on january 1st?
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>> yes. >> what about as an elected official. >> on january 1st had a conversation with ivory madison about what might have been in regards to custody of your son in the event of a divorce. your conclusion after that conversation on january 1st and with your own experience was that as an american and a politician your husband was a powerful man and if he wanted to win custody of his son. >> yes. her, i was scared about my situation if we get divorced. but my rights were, my position after our conversation she made me feel even more scared. she also said as a sheriff,
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she used the phrase all boys' network. she told me i needed evidence, i needed something to protect myself and fight in case there is a custody dispute. >> this testimony seemed repetitive but keep in mind you only saw a small slice. it went on and on with these same questions over and over. we will have an update coming up at 6:00 p.m.. the ethics commission will make a recommendation to the board of supervisors. it is the board of supervisors that will decide whether or not the sheriff will keep his job or if he must leave his job.
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>>catherine: we are learning of possible new locations in the speed freak killers case. shermantine will soon be taken to possible grave sites in lake county. he and herzog were convicted of murders which happened in the '80s and '90s. herzog committed suicide after being released from prison. shermantine has been on death row in san quentin. the governor has authorized his release from presence just long enough to find more graves like these which were uncovered earlier this year. terisa estacio is in lake county with a look at the new location there. >> here in lake county authorities say they are eager to start digging for a mass grave in the area that could contain funds used as many as 14 victims. they say that they're facing a major obstacle preventing them from starting any kind of operations least they do not know where to start digging. take a look right here.
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for this is the recreation area. it is a mammoth. over 52,000 a. and stretches over to counties. this be freed killers wesley shermantine and his partner in crime reportedly used to go hunting in the area known for its rugged terrain full of wildlife. kron4 news has learned that lake county officials are waiting to send several investigators to san quentin to speak with shermantine and possibly sketch out a map to the mass grave site. shermantine is currently on death row for killing several other people. as far as local and northern california victims, lake county officials tell kron4 that they are beginning to open cold cases to see if there are any missing women and matched the time frame of weird shermantine and herzog vanished -- he visited the area. coming up we will hear what locals have to say about
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this development. >> a live look outside from the golden gate bridge. sunny skies and a little bit of fog. as we take a live look outside at the satellite pictures, otherwise sunny skies to the rest of the bay area. the north bay will see fog. the fog will flow back into the over nine hours. temperatures this afternoon are warmer as we expected. edie's in the inland valleys. places like antioch and fairfield are still in the '80s. 70's in the south bay. '80s and now of the things are cooling down and now with temperatures in the 60s along the coastline. the fall will return to the overnight hours to the coastline and the shores. tomorrow afternoon sunny skies and a temperatures even more than today. we will continue this warming trend as we head into the weekend things to the winds of the north. that will clear up the fog.
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we will take a look at the weekend forecast coming up in a moment.
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too many mosquitos. tonight
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brentwood is being targeted with a fogging truck and there are some commercial businesses and officials say the insecticide their spraying is safe and approved by the environmental protection agency. >>jaqueline: here is a live look from the bay bridge. sunny skies over oakland. sunny skies over much of the bay area feel with the exception of the immediate cause line across as we take a look at better face hall, we will get warmer. is the same degree of
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warming to the inland valleys and the azores. wind out of the north are expected to pick up. that will allow timber to warm even more into the '90s. as we take a look at fog tracker 4, the fog will be south of the golden gate. as we move to the later morning hours is not budging much. as we step through towards noon will see some clearing. temperatures tomorrow will warm. we will see more a degree readings in the south bay. the inland valleys will see some 80 degree readings, upper 80s at that, near 90 in antioch, 88 in pleasanton, 85 and concord and 85 in livermore. the east bay stores will be jumping into the '70s tomorrow afternoon. temperatures will be in the 60s along the coastline.
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67 in daly city. in the north bay temperatures will warm back into the east for the most part. here is a look at your extended forecast. again, warmer conditions over the past couple of days. all tomorrow that continues but once a fog clears saturday and sunday and monday temperatures will start to warm, especially away from the coastline. as we head into next week to seabury's lens will return. all >>catherine: the drought crisis has hit more than half of the united states. water levels are dropping everywhere. commercial shippers are loading more boats with fewer goods to try and adjust. the mississippi is the main artery for the country's 12,000 mi. of inland waterways. counties in 29 states have been dedicated as a disaster
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areas because of the drought. in philadelphia police arrested a man accused of trying to kidnap a 10 year- old girl. this is surveillance video of the attempted abduction. there you can see the man grabbing her. the little girl had been walking with her brother. she began kicking in the man ran away. the suspect was later arrested. and i with the families of two missing girls have hired an attorney. the 10 year-old anti role have been missing for six days. there are cousins. their bikes were found near a lake. the parents are being treated as suspects. they say this because the parents have spent time in prison because of drugs. the fbi plans to send a dive team into the lake was near where the girls bikes were found. >> over 300 million pictures a day are up loaded to
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our high-light attack
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>>catherine: and other bay area near a, a mother had buy a car was hit by a speeding driver and has been released from hospital. she was about to cross the street with her three year- old son and one-year-old daughter. the dollar was in the stroller, police said the driver lost control while involved in a road rage incident. he was arrested and charged with reckless driving. her son was not heard and her daughter is expected to survive. santa cruz health officials have found to birds infected with the west nile virus, an owl and a crow. the owl was found in a summit area, the crow was found in the live oak
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>>catherine: a 47 cleared out blue who have been living in a san jose park. also, a vehicle recall so dangerous, the company is telling people to stop driving a car. personally from a customer's home sphery if >>stanley: coming up, the price of a cup of coffee could go sky high. i will train in the next edition of request
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>>catherine: authorities are carrying out what they call operation chicken hawk. dozens of people were arrested. grant lodes is in the newsroom with an update. >> we just at these pictures into the kron4 news from. you can see some of the faces that people have arrested. 11 people so far. officials serve warrants at 20 homes these people range in age from 16 to 64. officials say that some of these people were in computer programming, a lot of software engineers and of course, like this guy he was in real estate. a wide range of professions and the disk. we are continuing to get more pictures of tricks large pornography bust. a lot more coming up at scott.
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>>catherine: evicting homeless, san jose police have cleared out a park after a recent rash of fires. the park is near a condo community. people in the park were evicted. the state there are safety concerns because of the reason fighters. will tran anh was there this morning during the evictions. call >> we had a chance to talk to the homeless. cause cut one man is there, ready to go get the city services. according to the homeless they say they have been here for as long as all one here. it was not until the past two weeks of when there were seven suspicious fires that according to the homeless they believe that is when the city said enough is enough. almost all of them told me
5:32 pm
that this is actually a blessing in disguise because had the city not forced them to leave there would probably continue to be here. >>catherine: the homeless people agreed that the recent fires made the situation dangerous. >> but the people that set them off mess things up for everyone else up before that it was never a problem. >> my friend lost his job.
5:33 pm
hikes aha house >> i have a friend suffering from a drug addiction. >> ended up out here. my friend showed me where these people were. >> homeless activists were also in the park. they are also working on others for our housing. the parents of a high-school student shot and killed by oakland police are demanding more information. he was shot and killed in may after officers say they pointed a gun at him. today they were asking police to turn over the coroner's report. >> it is pretty amazing.
5:34 pm
since third >> if you was brought directly to the coroner's office at the request of the police department where he has been. now, the coroner's office and wants to the family to pay in order to get the report released. i am not quite sure what the next chapter would be. >> as a community, we have to khedive ask ourselves, do we get responses from the police in these situations or do we have to ask for people to engage in the kind of conduct says shows tremendous rage? >>catherine: the chorus office says they have complied with the family's request and will release the records. >> temperatures a couple of
5:35 pm
degrees warmer in most locations. in some places like pleasanton. how to 84 and in napa. down in the south bay temperatures were in the '70s. in the '70s for the east beach shores as well in the 60s along the coastline. if taking a live look outside this afternoon from the san mateo bridge the concede the fog rolled over. the fall will be filling backhand along the coastline to the overnight hours. here is what you can expect, the fog redeveloping tonight. temperatures tomorrow afternoon will warm a little bit more for. we will see more a degree readings and operated degree readings as a warming trend continues tomorrow and into the weekend. >>pam: be careful about opening e-mail's the claim you have been taxed in a
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facebook photo. experts say could actually see now where. >>gabe: there are over 300 million pictures a day up loaded to facebook. if any of those have you in and you want to know about it. it is human nature to want to know when you have been attacked in a photo on facebook. we all liked getting bad e- mail saying you haven't had in a soda but be careful. that curiosity could backfire. for many of us it is common to receive e-mail letting you know that someone attacks you in a photo. there is a link that will take you directly there are stamping bills that look just like the real ones from facebook telling you about a floater your tag did. if you think you have received an e-mail
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notification check for red flags like misspellings or grammatical errors. heavier balls over the link to verify that it is taking it to the genuine facebook site. the safest bet is to log is your facebook account, go to the settings and turn off e- mail notifications. >>catherine: honda is recalling small as tvs and cars. the problem is the doors may not close properly. honda says there are zonations when the inner door latch may not work. owners will begin getting letters starting next month. ford is telling some buyers of 2014 escape as tv's not to drive them because the engines can catch fire.
5:38 pm
more than 11,000 in the u.s. and canada are affected. there were built from early april through july of this year. ford is taking the unusual step of picking up the suvs and leaving older cars with customers. the customers say there are three reports of fires with no one injured. a check on traffic beginning with the bay bridge toll plaza. cure is a look at 680 and walnut creek. the commute direction, agile in both directions car moving pretty slow. stay with us some more news coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes
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>>catherine: the dow rose 35 points, the nasdaq was up 23 at the the s&p was up four points. mark danon and rob liked a look at today's other winners and losers. >>mark: it is time for a check on the winners and losers on wall street. a report cannot about back- to-school period i did not realize how big back-to- school spending is. >> it is very big. he are some specific numbers, will spend more this year than last year. hoving, electronics, you do for our economy and that the school. it is only second to christmas. >>mark: 30 million for back- to-school spending? >> we will pay attention to
5:43 pm
retail and which ones do better than others, it is a good time of the year to get good economic data. will the >>mark: another winner was ford motor company. >> they are going to tell us the international. it has slipped from $12 to $9. it is too cheap to be trading at $6. i think the stock will move higher from here. >> we will slaughter 60 percent of chickens, 40 percent of cattle and 40 percent of aids. since the midwest is being
5:44 pm
scorched by the sun are. it is unsustainable but sustainable because the numbers can now be hitting. >> farmers are getting read of their animals as quickly as they can. >> everyone is talking about the dark night. 170 million for opening week of. sully is the amazing spider- man, these are products, these are things that people
5:45 pm
can understand. >> here is a live look outside this afternoon for the san mateo bridge. mostly sunny skies and the fog coming in over the hill. as we look towards the coastline that is fog sitting over the hill. temperatures right now are still fairly mild. down in the south bay, still in the '70s, 60s along the coastline. overnight we will have fog along the coastline in the into the bay source. as we head into the weekend less of an even warmer conditions serious foggy out there tomorrow morning mealies all of the golden gate.
5:46 pm
as the move into the 9:00 hour, not much has changed. by the afternoon we will see clearing for of the entire bay area. as for temperatures tomorrow morning, and warmer in the north bay. as move into the noon hour mean the 70 degree readings. a lot of places in the '80s. to the north bay, delta and inland valleys, even into the south bay. 70's will be encroaching on the coastline. we could hit a couple of 70's later this weekend. into the '80s for most of the south bay. more 80 degree readings through the inland valleys.
5:47 pm
'60s and '70s in the coastline tomorrow. in the north bay temperatures back into the 80s as well. here's a look at your extended forecast. foggy tomorrow morning with winds of the north that will clear out as we headed to the weekend. inland valleys in the mid- 90s by sunday. >>stanley: you are possibly looking at the world's most extensive cup of coffee. the cost is $170.653 back in 2008 i did a segment on strikers and el cerrito getting tickets for crossing over the divided highway. >> this is a sensation at for turning on a divided highway. whenever there are two sets of double yellow lines you cannot run across. >>stanley: i call this segment of $107 cup of coffee.
5:48 pm
this is a divided highway located on san pablo ave. it is one of the oldest roadways in the east bay. now, four years later, drivers are still crossing over divided highways fees to goatees coffee or to this fedex store. sometimes, it is to make illegal u-turn on top of crossing over a double set of double yellow lines. or, crossing from one side of the street to the other, ignoring a right turn only signs. on the issue about this turn from this school. it is the orientation center for the blind. training for his dealings. often the trainees and a trainer are crossing the driveway and sometimes rely only on sound to cross safely. even this contra costa county employee ignores the basic rules of the road to the fiscal e-reader tiresias hikes has had haugh
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or at a small cloth and >>catherine: and you have become a war story idea for demi e-mail us then. the cars headed our way eastbound but most russians are looking good. more
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>>catherine: just internally has something need to add to
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>>catherine: it is the second day in the testimony of ross mirkirimi. another weekend of muni maintenance. that means there will be detours for you to know about. a little boy to the stud in the sewer. how the end of their a look at what it took to get him out >>jaqueline: here is a live look outside from our roof camera lot of effort on sunset francisco. details on the weekend ahead coming up.
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>>catherine: the wife of ross mirkirimi will be back on the witness stand. if she will concede her testimony about her troubled marriage and the advice she received a neighbor. >> she made me feel scared. fasten al lopez says she was scared of losing custody not of being physically harmed by her husband. she is being questioned by the video showing bruises she suffered during a new year's eve confrontation. that video is about violence investigation the falls in prison and was fired by the mayor for official misconduct. the ethics commission will recommend whether he should officially be removed from his job. dan kerman has been monitoring this evening's testimony and joins us with more. >>dan: his wife has been on the witness stand since 5:00 p.m.. there she is wearing
6:00 pm
glasses. she is discussing the domestic abuse incident and the fear of losing her child should fortifying, if you will, which she stated previously to others and on the video. that video she made with a neighbor. lopez says that mirkirimi told her that he is a very powerful man and that he could take away their child if they divorced. that is what she states in the video by denied that he had the power to do this. she said the power he is talking about had nothing to do with him as a city official but as an american which she is not. she also denied ever being previous week abused. >> were you at all concerned about the affect of your husband's behavior on your son? >> i do not like to fight in front of my son. i was trying to avoid anything. of course i was angry that
6:01 pm
he grabbed my arm in front of my son. >> why did that concern you? >> not only that, i think the profanity was worse. >> why did the profanity concern you with regard to your son? >> it is not right fair to say those things in front of my son. i do not say any backboards in front of him. >> are you concerned about those effects of bad behavior on your son? >> yes. >> you told ivory madison that your husband's a violent act on december 31st was the second time he was physically violent towards you and in 2011. >> and no. >> and he told kelley williams that your husband's a violent act that was the second time he was physically violent towards you into the of 11. >> know. >> you also to order that the first time it was physically violent was in march of 2011.
6:02 pm
>> i was referring to the first time we fought and brought up the situation about divorce. >> we have seen a lot of this where they talked about previous statements she has made and should clarify what she meant. since this incident she has been firmly in her husband's corner. she wants to get back to get with him and wants to stay away ordered to be taken away. again, this testimony is still going on and looks like it could go on for several more hours. we will bring you updates throughout this newscast. >>catherine: a child pornography bust in the south bay. detectives from dozens of agencies swooped down on homes in san jose. we have mug shots of some of the suspects that were arrested. you are looking at nine people were arrested. a total of 20 were named in search warrants. in san jose rob fladeboe
6:03 pm
has details on that operation. >>rob: i am outside of the apartment complex where one of the arrests occurred. the residents here who live in apartment 1 07 estate day he was always in front of his computer and occasionally made inappropriate comments. operations to get hot is the largest upper region of its high-end is still under way. i can tell you because of the are among the first of at least set jerez steering 3 office for suppress all jurisdictions including homeless this secure where armed one time or at the anti-terrorist. eric otokowa officers have been trading, pornographic images with the specs for months. stay, it didn't. david santos explain how this thing works. >> detect crimes against
6:04 pm
children task force reseat diverted to use the information i received a of the non-governmental agencies to get the informed haitian people are actively downloading how mr. beating a possessing two. with awful with an investigation and then, law enforcement does have investigated tools to where we in on people horse a doubling of pornography from the internet. our investigators use those tools to obtain search warrants and arrest warrants. >> the search warrants new- line all manner of advanced your computer hard drives, and the drives and so forth. if police were seeking cutting off a lot of that evidence later inspection. i am told there is a sort of mobile crime lab where the concerts and analyze the bart tracks and equipment right there got to. that is so shocking had he
6:05 pm
back. it is especially a guy arrested is one of and an exodus it. that is that because these kinds of. >> it is outrageous. child pornography? >> i think it is sickening. >>haaziq: and was the reaction across san jose from tule felt that they were living next door to lotus 3 suspect to a necessity for using the instead to download trial in demography in which a citizen is me concern. >> as opposed to the kuala run a " molecular theory concerning. computer. and never thought anything. >> arresting him is absolutely correct. good for him in jail. they will not be letting him there better and not down and then i cannot hear and sought. >>haaziq: he says learning
6:06 pm
is me or call this the arrested during the job according while doubling prompt some changes for its family. >> i want to make sure mumps and nephews are not here of the more. >> warplane and outside. >> yet keetsa was close. >>grant: on the peninsula, the monthly's at least this video over for good or haunted by a home security camera last week on july 10th around 1:00 p.m.. a survey had just finished robbing a home on sixth avenue. check out the backs he has a theory has a double that right there that he does on the ground. then, he has a much larger suitcases that he wheeled to the car. felices fleabags are filled with jewelry and a small electronic equipment. alan arkin that someone will recognize the man or the vehicle he is striving for even if it is a two-door mercedes other blue or green in color with extra-large
6:07 pm
cottons year if the police say the problem is widespread. had been investigating three break-ins and two attempted burglary in the belmont over the past three weeks. the heavily will be in their hearts are full to all sorts of groups that are operating on the this is this a that the ending of a.m. it efficiently or running errands. the suspect generally come to the front door, they not to see if the goddess of his hidden written into town to the back to gain entry to the house. if the family is mountain assault which is best for video when there is a break in nearby. they're trying to was the biggest amount of cards with surveillance cameras. >>catherine: a dead body was found near the dublin pleasanton's station. the body of a woman was
6:08 pm
found near the park or cars on the north side of 580. investigators were on the scene for several hours. there taking pictures and talking at mit in look outside as hour from this and say a bridge comedy concede the fog rolling back in. a sliver of fog along the coastline. we will see fog fairly widespread than 09 hours. it will redevelop tonight over the coals and pushing back into the doors for stalling. clearing into the afternoon it had done for the full
6:09 pm
concede he did upper trend peter lorre '80s market and in the upper 80s into the weekend. i will have the details coming up in the extended forecasts. >>catherine: another weekend of muni work. it will mean a shutdown of service on the n juda id j church lands. the construction will the from 8:00 p.m.. they are improving tracks. commuters will be transferred to shuttle buses. after this week in the work will still not be finished. there will be to more we dance of a real closures' ending the tour is scheduled for next month. >>catherine: coming up a sharp warning for the bay area. we will tell you where the shark was spotted. >> authorities want to start digging for a possible mass graves. they are all victims of wesley shermantine however they are facing a major obstacle. >> the pentagon is giving a
6:10 pm
history making a show of support to gay and lesbian service members. al with
6:11 pm
6:12 pm
>>catherine: we are learning about possible new locations of the victims' graves in the speed for killers case. shermantine will send be taken to possible gravesides in lake county. he and herzog were convicted of murders which
6:13 pm
happened in the '80s and '90s. herzog committed suicide after being released from prison. shermantine is on death row. the governor has authorized his release from prison long enough to help find more great sights like these. this one was uncovered earlier this year near linden. terisa estacio is in lake county and has a look at the new locations a year. >>terisa: this is a recreational area near cal mountain. it is large and full of rugged terrain. it is 52,000 a. fans stretches over two different counties, lee scanned in encino. for locals it is a place to play, but news that it could be the site of a mass grave site containing as many as 14 victims at the hands of the speed freak killers. the news is extremely alarming to those people who call this area home. >> it is really scary.
6:14 pm
>> let it be easy to hide something there? >> definitely. there are a lot of trees serious >> would you be surprised if they discovered a mass grave? >> i would not. a lot of stuff goes on down there. >> in lake county, terisa estacio. >> is sharks of art in santa cruz during a great white shark. a 14 ft. great white shark has been spotted off the coast of at toss-up near santa cruz.
6:15 pm
officials say it is not aggressive but it is 14 ft.. there are signs in the area advising people not to go swimming or surfing in the area. you may remember earlier this month a shark in the pleasure point area attacked a kayak. >> san leandro police are looking for this man. they say he attacked a man with a baseball bat on wednesday morning. the victim was a co-worker at a san leandro business. >> one of the employees aren't himself with the bad and struck the other employee multiple times. the results of the ground and then he commenced with kicking him with a steel toed boots. some other workers broke them up or they were separated for whatever
6:16 pm
reason. he was taken to hospital by other people that would as the incident. sphere >> he could be charged with attempted murder. in other news around the bay area, a not guilty plea for a man accused of stabbing a 16 year-old girl in pleasant hill last month. his attorney and to that seat today. the teenage girl has since recovered from her injuries. a preliminary hearing is set for next week. a shooting in san francisco left a 19 year old critically injured. officers are still looking for the gunman. the victim had life- threatening gunshot wounds. no word tonight on his current conditions. a man from south san francisco has been sentenced to rehab after police say he tried to trade $10,000 worth of stolen fish for $400 in crack cocaine. he was given a three-year suspended sentence under the condition that he enter a drug treatment program.
6:17 pm
>> warmer out there this afternoon. still sunny right now over the bay bridge toll plaza and still sunny in the roof camera. the fog is starting to return to the san mateo coastline. temperatures are cooler coast side. still fairly mild in the inland valleys. still in the '70s in the south bay. in the north bay the same thing. as we look ahead to the next couple of days a warming trend will continue. temperatures will get even a and warmer in the inland valleys. the wind out of the north will pick up enough to clear out the fog this weekend meetings even warmer temperatures for our inland valleys and the bayshore is. it's fog will be installed of the golden gate. as we stepped into the 9:00
6:18 pm
hour not much has changed. that will start to clear after 9:00. temperatures will warm tamara as well. we will start the day warmer in the north bay with temperatures in the sixties and fifties down south. as a result of the incident in our temperatures in the '70s and '80s the '60s closer to the coastline. the 3:00 hour brings us more 80 degree readings. '90s edging into the bay area. in the south bay you will notice more 80 degree readings. eighties through the north bay, close to 90 degrees and antioch. 60s along the coast line at temperatures warm into the needs of the arts. here is a look the extended forecast. the fog will sit with us for one more day until the winds
6:19 pm
of the north cleared out. coastal fog saturday and sunday with temperatures in the '90s. things will cool down as we head into next week siri >>catherine: the pentagon is allowing service members to march in uniform during a gay pride parade. the pentagon says it is making an exception to a policy that dance troupes from marching in europe -- marching in uniform in grade its. the gay pride parade is happening saturday in san diego. members of the military have been invited and the issue is getting a lot of national attention. the exception is only for this year's parade in san diego. viacom says they are not making any progress in a dispute with directv. last week all networks were removed from directv including popular channels like mtv, comedy central and nickelodeon. at issue, what they have to pay per subscriber. is in a blog coast the claim
6:20 pm
a television operator has no intention of working with us and that talks have moved backwards, if anything. directv is denying that. costs j.c. penney has an idea to boost business, getting rid of checkout counters. they are replacing them with a new system that wal-mart require clerks. shoppers will be able to use self checkout machines similar to the once the ec in grocery stores. they are also planning to replace traditional bar codes on price tags with high-tech chips. that will make purchases faster. the checkout counters could be phased out by 2014.
6:21 pm
6:22 pm
hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters.
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>>vicki: one of the hippest and most happening restaurants out of the border is in st. helena. we are going in. >>vicki: this is not your
6:24 pm
average mexican restaurant. >> it is not. what we are trying to do is bring in mexican cantina from mexico city man acquitted in the heart of st. helena. everything is based on the executive chefs food and his ideas, he grew up cooking in the kitchen. he is bringing back here. >>vicki: the bar scene is happening here. >> absolutely. everything is fresh, made to date. i know tequila like a somalian house wine. >>vicki: you were nominated for a james beard award. >> everything is fresh off the farm. and this is our ceviche and this is our test data.
6:25 pm
this is similar to acorn truffle. harvested and mexico. our tacos are not like traditional street vendor tacos. just wrap it up into it in your mouth. >>vicki: this is mexican streetcorner question marks >> this is good eating. >>vicki: my top picks are the seviche in the margaritas. for more, visit our web margaritas. for more, visit our web s[ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: tonight, take it easy and enjoy your favorite soup, salad and hot, hearty sub. like the toasty big hot pastrami melt. get to your local subway for some dinnertime deliciousness tonight. subway. eat fresh.
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6:28 pm
>>catherine: online and thereafter to delay take a stand against same-sex marriage. emmy nominations have been announced. will take a look at the big shows going critical. qr
6:29 pm
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continues now. >> a crackdown on child pornography. the silicon valley internet all robert b. task force served 20 search warrants on thursday. at least 10 people or rested as what is being billed as the largest raid in california history. the cyber police also seized several dozen computer hard drives and hundreds of taught photography images. >> continuing our coverage on mangrove drive, the san jose police department shocked residents who lived on this quiet street after arresting a neighbor for possessing child porn. >> i want to mention my brothers and my neck are not here by themselves anymore. we also have to make sure to keep the windows closed.
6:32 pm
>> in san francisco testimony continues and the ethics hearing of ross mirkirimi. this is what continues to get questions from the attorney. she has been on the stand since 5:00. she has either contradicted or clarified statements previously made. she has been in her husband's quarter and wants him to get his job back. >> police have released surveillance video that shows an alleged burglar in action. and habit on the 1500 block of sixth avenue back on july 10th. police said the band's old story and small electronics.
6:33 pm
there are hoping someone recognizes the man with a vehicle he is writing. >> in lake county authorities say they are eager to start thinking for a possible mass gravesite in the area. they say they are facing a major obstacle. and they do not know where to start. the recreation area is nearly 52,000 a. big. shermantine and herzog allegedly buried victims there. >> we continue our warming trend this afternoon. tartars were up a couple of degrees. 70's in the south bay, same
6:34 pm
thing for the east bay stores and for most of the north bay. we will continue at a warming trend as we head into the weekend. we will see more eighties through the inland valleys as well. in the north bay temperatures back into the '80s. the little but a fogged out there tomorrow morning and temperatures will warm even more than today. winds out of the north will pick up this week clearing of the fall completely. temperatures will warm as a result. the inland valleys getting into the mid-90s. fill looks like we will see the fog return into next week. that means cooler conditions. >>catherine: check fillet is
6:35 pm
taking a stand against same- sex marriage. that has triggered a flurry of outrage. >> they have taken a stand against gay marriage. now, the fast-food giant is feeling the backlash. it is no secret that they backed christian values. for years, people have criticized them for supporting groups that support game -- that oppose the merit. the company's stance has been confirmed saying guilty as charged when asked about their support for traditional family units. he also used definitive language saying i pray god mercy on our generation that has such a prideful, arrogant attitude to think it would have the audacity to redefine what marriage is about. the comments have sparked social up for. most are against chicken fillet, asking people to boycott the chain. some offer support and some
6:36 pm
just want some chicken. interestingly enough there is just as much outrage on the other side of the aisle. many companies have gotten into hot water for publicly supporting the marriage. j.c. penney chose atlanta generous as its spokesperson earlier this year. it got a lot of attention on both sides but in the and it did not really affect sales. going forward to a police said it will continue to treat everyone with respect and leave the same-sex marriage debate to the government. >>catherine: in northern colombia a three year-old boy has been missing for an entire day. he was at the bottom of that sort. he had been playing in a construction down with his brothers when he disappeared. it had to be long and frightening day for him but everyone eventually figured out where he was. he is now home state and sound. in spain a major protest against the government. protesters in madrid live in the things up with a foam
6:37 pm
machine. public employees in trade union members marched in 80 different standards cities. they are upset about increase in sales tax and wage cuts. >> this just in, the first penn state board member has resigned after the jury sandusky child sex abuse scandal. he is the former board chairman. he was criticized harshly because of his handling of that crisis. we're back after this.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
>>catherine: the competition is pretty stiff at the emmys. the nominees were announced early this morning. we have a breakdown of some of the most popular categories. samite jimmy campbell and carry washington were up early to announce this year's prime-time emmy nominations.
6:41 pm
madman led the pack picking up a total of 17 nominations. in the reality around south >> and jimmy campbell is thrilled with his nomination
6:42 pm
for his variety series. >> our first nomination in we have been on for almost 10 years to. for one out of a tan is not bad. he will likely upgrade his pajamas for a tux when he hosts the emmy awards. >>catherine: coming up all of your entertainment news. the insiders starts at 7:00 followed by entertainment tonight right here on kron4. >> the yankees are in town. that is always a big drop. the giants go for the sweep of the braves in atlanta. can they do it? we have the answer and sports coming next. recall
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>>gary: the giants settled for two out of three. to the ballpark in georgia we go. milky cabrera's led the
6:46 pm
giants to a couple of victories. early this morning around 9:00 a.m. a nice plate tim hudson was rubbing his head with the rosin bag. does that make your hair grow? baumgartner allowed a couple of home runs. cabrera tripled here. he has been giving a lot of hand gestures to the fans. there was one more. the braves 13-2. tim lincecum will be on the mound tomorrow night.
6:47 pm
>>gary: the yankees in the oakland a's are a few minutes away. everyone around these parts are talking the oakland a's. whenever you play the yankees, that is your chance to step up and show that we are a different oakland a's team here in 2012. this will be a big test. four games against the highest-paid team in the game with the highest record and alex rodriguez. >> we feared better against some of the tougher teams. this team have their with us the last time they were here. it would be nice to have a nice series against them. i think we are fighting harder than we did last year, for younger group that is a good attribute to have been. >>gary: mr. oakland 8,
6:48 pm
broadway joe is joining us from the coliseum. hello. >> hello, gary. >>gary: do they have you outside? >> they have the outside looking at the sun. i should have brought my glasses. >>gary: i will ask you the standard question, are the oakland a's for real or are they going to read nice stretch now? >> it depends on what your definition of for real is. they are having a great season. above and beyond anything he would have expected. there are playing really well. they have a young team that they're looking very promising. they are in the wild-card hunt right now. they will exceed expectations at this point. >> it is no surprise, the entire oakland a's roster is worth around 55 million.
6:49 pm
alex rodriguez and c.c. sebathia, $54 million. do you have any thoughts if indeed this is fair or if baseball is missing the boat? i'm michael all, they kept everything and makes everyone equal financially. south >> i guess that is the big question. it has been going on for quite a few years. can anyone realistically spend in compete with the yankees? there are definitely the haves and have-nots. that could -- that goes to show you the good solid baseball decisions curious the tampa bay rates have been one of the toughest divisions. they are on a tide table. they hang in there pretty much year after year. a lot of it has to do with baseball decisions. >>gary: the oakland a's need a star to help them draw fans.
6:50 pm
give me a thumbnail on josh rhetoric. >> i do not think the a's would have thought that read it would have settled into the no. 3 spot of produced like he has. no one expected him to be the leading home-run hitter. that is pretty rare. he has played a great right field. he has a nasty personality. >> says it is has been an intimidating presence. >>gary: we're watching the oakland a's celebrating those nine walked off winds. asked do you expect a high of a phase?
6:51 pm
>> lee will see. >>gary: where are you from? >> born and raised in india. i am a bay area guy born and raised. >>gary: they give for joining us. >>gary: the british open, tiger woods got off to a nice start to date. a three-time british open champ. seaside 83 under part 67 of the 76 position. he is three strokes back. everything looks pretty nice today. they made the course a very nice for 80.
6:52 pm
phil mickelson, 3 over 73. after 18 holes he will lead to come back tomorrow to avoid missing the cut. hall take a peek at usa and england.
6:53 pm
within >> when we come back, andrew look got paid. all wheat since
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
>>gary: no one was worried about sandra bullock. he was going to find but it is nice to have it on the dotted line. for years, 22.1 million. in the way the nfl is the together now is everyone is slighted. if he had come out last year he was made between 50,000,060 million. now, he has to get by on 22 million. and let is ready to go. the oakland a's and the yankees. i will be teasing you throughout the night. it is dog bites. bring your dog to the ballpark.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
"the dark knight rises" mania today. how the batman sequel is prompting death threats before its midnight release. i'm kevin frazier. "the insider" is on. we have seen some death threa threats. >> let's go over the movie. the new york city ticket scalping. the royal rush to see a film. and i'm in washington with news on the politicians being dragged into the hype. >> mitt romney's old venture capital campaign, happens to bear the name of the most frightening batman villain. >> do you think that